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by Lisa Ovens

As a woman writing about sports, I often dream about employing the phrase well hung appropriately and be taken seriously at the same time. Finally, I have my chance.

WELL HUNG” is all it takes to describe the new video scoreboard hovering above center ice in GM Place. I tell you, that baby is big and commands respect. So confident of a scoreboard, it needed no introduction. I would have to say this LED video display system has seriously high PF (PF is an audio/video slang term: The "P" rhymes with Venus and the "F" stands for factor) The scoreboard coupled with the new LED ring lining the circumference of the upper bowl, has added a cool element to the visuals and has greatly improved all the replays. As a season ticket holder, I initially was against these additions when informed about them in a letter from Dave Nonis back in the summer. I felt these expensive game presentation tools could be a distraction, based on an experience I had in Glendale Arena last season when I missed a Henrik Sedin goal because I was momentarily hypnotized by that arena’s PF. As long as they keep the information on the screens uncluttered, I’ll be happy.

Speaking of happy…that’s what this city was on Friday Oct.27th, because our guests, the Washington Capitals came to town from a far away place, the Eastern Conference. You’d think they came from another planet due to all the buzz. Who would have thought the Capitals would have that kind of effect on this jewel of a hockey city? Oh, I forgot about Ovechkin, and how can anyone forget about him. The Canucks sort of did, when they had a two nothing lead, and before you know it, Alexander assisted on one goal and scored another to tie the game. Ovechkin was then robbed by Luongo and the crossbar, which contributed to the Canucks shootout victory. However, the first star of the game was Olaf Kolzig, the Caps goaltender. Like the scoreboard, Kolzig’s performance commanded respect, and he received a big cheer as he was announced the game’s first star. It was a great game and a fun evening. See you around Capitals…around three years from now if Bettman doesn’t smarten up and change the schedule.

Moving on to the BC Breakers Saturday Oct.28th…Our local Western Women Hockey League team, The BC Breakers play in Aldergrove BC – a 120 km trek there and back for a hockey-loving girl like myself. The rink is small, bright and it was full of energy Saturday night as the Breakers played host for the second of three in a row against the Edmonton Chimos. There are a few noticeable differences after last nights game in GM Place: my Breakers ticket was about $80.00 cheaper, a traditional light bulb scoreboard kept us informed and unlike GM Place, they had a bake sale going on inside the Aldergrove Arena – sweet! The Breakers looked much better than they did when I saw them last season, and I am positive this team is just going to get better. I am excited about this league and plan to make room for them during times when I am not a Canuck and  I’m taking a “breaker” from the Church of Giantology (WHL’s Vancouver Giants).

It was easy to get caught up in the energy on the ice, as every seat is a rink side seat and the girls are playing their hearts out right in front of you. The Chimos opened the scoring, and then the Breakers answered with a goal. It went back and forth like that until the Chimos scored the last goal on a power play during the overtime period; final score 6 to 5.

Highlights: The Breakers Kristin Leuzler, two goals and looking for the hat trick (I was ready to toss my Breakers cap – my name written on the inside label and everything!). Watching Nanaimo’s Brooke Bestwick cover the point right during the power plays right front of me (She’s 5’ 2”, same height as me, I can only dream about being as good as her – go Brooke!) Listening to the small crowd cheering, and even better; listening to the players cheer themselves.  Seeing the Chimos play because they are the team I will cheer for when the Chimos play out their own battle of Alberta. You see hockey fans…. there is more than one battle of Alberta!!! And finally the cupcakes I purchased…three for a buck :o)

Next home game series for the BC Breakers is in November against the Calgary Oval Extreme. My friends and I will be there!

For more info on the Western Women’s Hockey League visit


Happy Hockey Girls and Boys!

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